“Embrace The Pain” Tees

$30.00 - SOLD OUT!


“Mother & Child”

Original Work - $999


Know Your Root

Original Work - $777


Give or Take

Original Work - $150


Triple Threat

Original Work - $100



Original Work - $444


More about my art!

The latest piece named "M."

“M” stands for "Mine" or "My Lover". It is one out of three pieces in my new upcoming project 👽❤👽
The idea behind this piece is to capture the way people connect with each other through compassion, forgiveness, patience, kindness and love. We all get to live this life to experience love and happiness. And that Happiness can be shared, as Your happiness will be mine, and Mine will be yours. Once we open ourselves up to one another and allow the universe to do its magic, the stars will eventually align.